Our Homestay programs give you a golden chance for those people who are seeking to spend time with local people and live with them. Home stay in Nepal started the act in August 17, 2010, aiming every tourist to stopover every rural community of Nepal and tourism and make the tourism year 2011 successful. The homestay package can be organized in rural and urban area as well. Home stay tour in Nepal village is the best conceivable way to discover the agriculture lifestyles, their livelihood, hospitality, cultures and religions deserved by the groups in one specific village.  It is believed that the homestay started early when peace corporation volunteers used to be placed in Nepali host families. In 70s and 80s expatriates and international research students which was also placed at host families.

Nepali cultures is diverse, there are numbers of tribal group reside in different parts of the country. Each tribal group has their own dialect they used Nepali language to interact with inter group. Like they celebrate their own festivals like sherpas, Gurung and Tamang they celebrate Lhosar, Newari group celebrate indrajatra, ghode jatra and many other festivals are celebrated in newari culture.

Homestay in Nepal will be the most experiencing Nepal with Friendly People with magnificent geography. Few days living with those local people you will be adopting their culture and lifestyles turn out to be one of the worthy decision and overwhelming experience. You will be observing the beautiful valley, waterfall, panoramic view of great Himalayas. More than 60 different culture and 100s of languages turns the land of Himalayas rich in costumes, beliefs and tradition. The Homestay programs are the best organized from August to December which is the time when most of the huge local festivals take place.

W GHHT (Ganesh Himal Hiking Team) Provide you different sorts of homestay package in different village where you get to opportunity to experience the different cross-culture and tradition of the Nepal.

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Homestay Packages

Ghale Gaun Village Homestay

Trekking, Hiking, Excursion & Sightseeing

5 days
Sirubari Village Homestay

Trekking, Hiking, Excursion & Sightseeing

10 days