Trip Information

Manaslu Circuit Trekking has recently and newly opened for the trekkers in 1991, lies between western and central Nepal. This trek is becoming more and more popular as anew trekking destinations. The journey tracks for 177 kilometers, round Mt.  Manaslu one of the 8th utmost peaks at an elevation 8156 meters above sea level. The tracks in this hike were used as trading ways to the Tibet and considered very tough and is comparable to the Annapurna base camp and Everest base camp Now they are comparatively easier with improvement works. Japanese voyager was first to climb in 1956. It passes alongside and crosses Budhi Gandaki Stream numerous times. Larkya la pass at 5235 meters is the highest point in the journey which is mostly covered in snow for most of the time.

 The journey instigates from the town of Arughat transitory through bamboo forests overpass through gurung settlements in narrow Buri Gandaki valley. After that you will be reaching Nupri area which is habitually inhabited by Tibetan settlers it is the ideal slog for daring explorers who want an authentic, off the compressed trail experience. The region is largely secure as Manaslu Preservation Zone. It was recognized in 1998, and covers an area of 1663 square kilometers and lies in the north part of Gorkha region. Altitude varies from 600 m to 8156 m over the sea level. The communities varied flora and fauna plus 2000 species florae, 33 species of animals – snow leopard, musk deer, Himalayan red panda, 110 diverse bird species and 11 kinds of butterflies.

Wild flowers and rhododendron forest are the main vegetation found here. The region is blessed with beautiful sceneries, majestic Himalayan ranges with ten mountains of above 6500 m, high elevation glacier lakes, and rich biological and cultural diversity. There are several ancient Buddhist monasteries like Shringi, Mu and Rachen gompas where most of the Tibetan Buddhists followers come to visit this trek to worship. Perfect season will be on the month of March to May in spring and September to December during winter season so, during this season the weather will be perfect to round the manaslu circuit trek without facing any difficulties.

Our GHHT members provide an ample of opportunities’ during the trekking session so one enjoy the grandiose sights of larkya la pass which is frequently roofed with snow and also grasp to observe diverse kinds of flora and fauna, landscapes, who are bond with natural and environmental passion. We also provide you a different trekking option in manaslu region where you can go through our websites in fully detail.





Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu at 1,300 meter and 4,264 feet

Upon your arrival at the Tribuvan International Airport you will be welcomed by our representative from the Ganesh Himal Hiking Team and they will dive you to the hotel. Then after checking in into the hotel you can relax and freshen up and then you can wander around the best tourist hub Thamel area where there are abundant of souvenir shop and antique shops where you can visit and if you like to buy something our guide will be helping you for the bargaining. The Ganesh Himal Hiking team Company will host a welcome dinner in admirable Nepali restaurant which serves the most delicious Nepali cuisine which will be the introduction of the Nepali food culture. We will spend our night in Kathmandu.

Dinner is provided.

Day 2: Kathmandu: Sightseeing and Trek Preparation

After breakfast we will began our guided trip to numerous ancient/ historical heritage sites of Kathmandu. We will be exploring the Kathmandu Durbar square and surrounding the square there are plenty of temples and ancient prehistoric palaces and you will also exploring the temple and inside the temple you will be visiting the living goddess Kumari. We have briefly describe all the myth and story behind this sites and all but our tour guide will explains in elongated way. Next we will explore the Hindu sacred temple and also cremation sites of Hindus and inside the temple you will be exploring the Hindu religious rituals and all. After that we will visit the Swambhunath temple for the outsiders known simply as monkey temple. Next we will visit the Boudhanath stupa which is the largest stupa in the whole world. Later in afternoon we will have a small meeting about the trip in Ganesh Himal Hiking team.  We will spend our night in Kathmandu.

Breakfast is provided.

Day 3: Drive from Kathmandu towards Sotikhola at710 meter and 2328 feet 8 - 9 hrs.

Today we will wake up early and drive to Setikhola. On drive to Setikhola we will be enjoying spectacular Mountain View as well as small Nepali hamlet. We will drive through paved road from Kathmandu towards Dhading bensi which is the head quarter of Dhading at 1050 meter and from here drive to Arughat through bumpy road. When we reach at Arughat we will then head our drive to Setikhola. We will spend our night in Setikhola.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 4: Soti Khola to Maccha Khola at 900 meter and 2952 feet: 6 - 7 hours

Today we will commence our trek before that we will cross the bridge and trek via striking Sal forests and then ascend to the ridge over to the huge flowing Budhi Gandaki. We will then reach Khursane and trek upwards and downwards on rocky trail on side with two cascading waterfall. Continuing trekking we will reach rice fields and from here we head upwards to Gurung village named Labubensi. Moving downwards and trekking through curved stone and then we will ascend through side ridge. We will then head downwards to the river and cross the river through suspension bride and then we reaches at Macha Khola village. We will spend our night in Macha Khola.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 5:  Maccha Khola to Jagat at 1410 meter and 4625 feet: 6 - 7 hrs

Today we will trek to the narrow path with few up and down and then from here we will cross the Tharo Khola and then we will reach Kholabesi. After that with short ascends and descends we will cross Budhi Gandaki River through suspension bridge. We will then ascend on broad staircase. We will again cross another river Yaru Khola via suspension bridge and ascend through the stone stairs and head downwards to the river and again take the steps to stone stairs towards Tharo Bharyang. We will cross the west bank river Budha gandaki and ascend through a ridge and trek alongside the river and ascend to the Jagat village. We will spend our night in Jagat.  

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 6:  Jagat to Deng at 1,804 meter and 5917 feet: 6 - 7 hrs

Today we will began our trek ascending above rocky ridge and head towards Salleri and from here we will descend towards Sirdibas. The vale broadens slightly and continues our trek to Ghata Khola. Continuing trekking and crossing the bridge we will reach Gurung village. We will be crossing the millet fields and head towards the Ekle Bhatti. From here our trails enter a huge steep and then we will descend to lush land hill and then we will cross the Budhi Gandaki River and trek to west bank and cross the east bank. Continuing trekking the valley broadens and then we will pass the via Bamboo forests towards the Deng khola. Then crossing the river we will arrive at small village of Deng. We will spend our night in Deng.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 7: Deng to Namrung at 2630 meter and 8626 feet: 6 - 7 hrs

After a short hike from Deng we will cross the Budhi Gandaki and ascend towards Rana- 1910 meter. From here we will ascend for awhile and head to the path of west valley of Budhagandaki. We will then pass via dense forests and turn to corner that curves towards Ghap.

There are many trails but we will be trekking on the trails to Prok village. This prok village has stunning viewpoint where one get the exquisite view of shringi Himal. After that we will cross the Budhigandaki and then pass numerous Gompa- monasteries. We will continue our trek following the river via lush forests. Then we will cross the river and head downwards to narrow gorge and our dense forest trail becomes slightly less dense. We continue our trek and after a steep ascend we will reach in Namrung. We will spend our night in Namrung.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 8:  Namrung to Samagaon at 3530 meter and 11,578 feet: 6-7 hrs.

This Namrung village is the best viewpoint for viewing the Ganesh and Siring Himal and even one get to perceive mount Chuli of south. We will ascend gradually and passing via dense forest and then reaches on Lihi- an excellent village with several chorten and barley fields. Our path drops and crossing the side vale of Ganesh and Simnang Himal which the view is nearby. Before reaching Sama village we will pass some villages named Sho, Lho and Shyala. From Lho village one gets the beautiful view of mount Manaslu and even we will be exploring the well-known Ribung Gomba. Like the Shyala village is surrounded by several huge mountain named Mt. Himal Chuli, Ngadi Chuli, Manaslu and few glaciers. As our today trek ends in Samagaon and here we will spend our night.  

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner are provided.

Day 9:  Samagaon to Pungyen Gompa and back to Samagaon: 6 - 7 hrs. Exploration

Today we will be spending our day relaxing and acclimatizing in Samagaon. We will also get familiar with Sherpa people and their culture. We will enjoy the view of abundant thousands Man wall stones depicting Buddhists scriptures and painting. This sama village is the prehistoric village with ancient Gompa named Pungyen Gomba and from the monastery one will get the stunning view of glaciers. We will spend our night in Samagaon.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 10:  Samagaon to Samdo at 3860 meter and 12,660 feet: 4 - 5 hrs.

We will be descending down to Budhi Gandaki River and turns to the north and follow the river. Trekking to the left side of trail will leads us to Manalsu base camp. The trail to Larkye la trail passes numerous mani walls and from there our vale starts to broadens. The trails become easy and head over the river by passing through lush Juniper and birch forests. We will then head downwards and cross the Budhi Gandaki River through a wooded bridge and then we will ascend gradually to a cape amid two forks of river. We will then pass via Kani and then reaches in Samdo. We will spend our night in Samdo.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 11: Rest at Samagaon for Acclimatization

Today also we will be acclimatizing the altitude so; today there is a two option like we will hike to the high valley to the back of Samdo village. The hike will leads us to Tibet trade passes and from here we get the magnificence view of mount Manaslu including with other several peaks. Heading to this view point we will be passing herding settlements named Doksas and even we will get to spot mountain birds like lophophorus which is the national bird of Nepal and other birds like Himalayan griffin and Lammergeyer. The other option will be heading to Gya La which is the large pass situated to the north of Samdo but this hike will be tiring. We will spend our night in Samdo. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 12:  Samdo to Dharamsala/Larkya B. C. at 4460 meter and 14, 628 feet: 4 - 5 hrs.

Today we will continue our trek walking down edge and crossing the wooded bridge above Budhi Gandaki and walk to the upward direction and cross two streams as well as viewing the Larkye glacier. We will then head around the Valley of Salka River and ascend again towards stone guest house which is at the altitude of 4450 meter. This lodge is a small lodge but called it as Dharmashala which is also well-known as larkye Phedi. Today a short hike helps us for proper acclimatization and in afternoon we will fully relax. We will spend our night in Dharmasahla.

 Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 13:  Dharamsala  to Larkya la at 5160 meter and 16, 924 feet- Bimthang at 3720 meter and 12, 201 feet: 8 - 9 hrs.

Today we will ascend for awhile and then we reaches on valley to north side of Larkye glacier and from here we will enjoy the mind blowing view of Larkya peak and Cho Danda. Then we will cross the moraines of glacier with gradual ascend and then reaching on the last part of the pass will become steeper. Reaching on pass we will be amazed by the captivating view of Cheo Himal, Kangguru, Annapurna II and Himlung Himal. It is longer day trek where we will the head to Bimthang however we will be walking through low pastures with mesmerizing view of Mount Manaslu. We will spend our night in Bimthang. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 14: Bimthang to Tilije at 2300 meter and 7544 feet: 5 - 6 hrs.

From the edge of Bimthang we will get the splendor view of mount Manaslu, Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal and lamjung Himal. After that we will descend for awhile and cross the soaring pasture and following the Dudh Koshi River. We will then walking via dense rhododendron forests and following the trail to narrow valley and then we reach at cultivated land of valley at Karche at 2785 meter. After that we will be crossing fields and ascend steeply above the ridge. A short walk we will reach at Gho village like yesterday we have trek a lot so, if you like to spend your night in Gho nonetheless the fine lodges is find in Tilije hence the Ganesh Himal Hiking Team advise to stay in Tilije. We will spend our night in Tilije village.  

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 15:  Tilije to Tal at 1700 meter and 5576 feet: 5 - 6 hrs.

Today we will ascend above small ridge and trek on stone paved trail and then we will pass the splendid village. After that we will cross the Dudh Koshi River through bridge and ascend via chorten shape arc and then pass huge mani wall and we will reach at Thonje village. From village we will be trekking passing the police check point and continuing trekking towards Dharapani. Before reaching Tal village we will come across mani walls and this village is located on the foot of huge cascading waterfall. We will spend our night in Tal.  

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 16:  Tal to Syange at 1080 meter and 3542 feet: 6 - 7 hrs.

Today we will be following the trail to Chyamje village and then cross the Marshyangdi river. The valley of Marshyagdi undo with wide terrace fields and the village is situated at the high hilly area. After that we will descends via lush pine and rhododendron forests and head towards Syange. We will spend our night in Syange. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 17: Syange to Kathmandu: 8-9 hrs.

Today we will drive from Syange and head to Kathmandu through Besi Sahar which provides fascinating view of mountain landscapes and hills. Mostly we will be driving alongside the bank of Trishuli and Marsyangdi River. We will then drive to the view of stunning village with terraced farm fields. Reaching Kathmandu we will drive to hotel. You can freshen up and then you can also buy gifts to your loved ones and visit some of the souvenir shops nearby. The company of Ganesh Himal Hiking Team will be hosting a farewell dinner for the completion of the successful of the trek. We will spend our night in Kathmandu.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

Day 18: Final departure

Today your adventurous Manaslu circuit trek finally comes to an end. Our representative from the Ganesh Himal Hiking team will be dropping you at the airport three hours earlier than your flight schedule. 

Breakfast is provided.


What is included?

  • All the transportation between airport and hotel
  • 2 nights in a 3-star hotel in Kathmandu (Hotel Tashidharke inn or any other hotel of similar standard)
  • 13 nights in standard lodges/teahouses during the trek
  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • All accommodation and meals during the stay in the trek
  • All domestic flight fares and airport taxes
  • An experienced English speaking guide and one porter for 2 persons each of the group
  • All necessary paper work and permits (National park permit, TIMS)
  • All government and local taxes

What is not included?

  • Nepal Visa fee (bring accurate USD cash and two passport photographs)
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, early return from mountain (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary
  • Lunch and evening meals in Kathmandu (and also in the case of early return from mountain than the scheduled itinerary)
  • Travel and rescue insurance
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, shower etc)
  • Tips for guides and porters


Trip Note

Hotel and Lodge:

Ganesh Himal Hiking team arranges the best comfy and pleasant accommodation and provides you the well-nourished hygienic foods. Throughout your stay in Kathmandu i.e. 3 nights you will be staying at the best standard hotel which will be rating at 2- 3-star hotel. Although if you want to stay at 4- 5-star hotel in the well sumptuous hotel and are able to pay for this expenses then you have this kind of choices but for the luxurious hotel the payment should be deposited by the clients itself. As the Ganesh Himal Hiking team company can only afford the hotel which is the rate at 2-3 star hotels. However once you are set for your trek there will be no such facilities like in the city of Kathmandu and one should not expect like Kathmandu as we are trekking to the remote area so, we will be staying at tea houses and local lodges. In such hotel there will be a usual bed and of course pillow. Most of the lodges of this region depend on lanterns or candle only a few has the facility of electric lights nonetheless you will be getting clean hygienic food which is most important. Most of the lodges will be already booked earlier before your trek however in some situation we will be not able to book in advance but not to worry we can book -in while reaching there because there are ample of lodges and some tea houses in this region and if not we can easily set a camp which will the most adventurous part of the trek itself is interesting and adventurous.

Meals and Drinks:

We the company totally focuses on client’s meals by making sure that each and every client get the same portion which is clean hygienic and nourished which is most necessary while trekking. While trekking all the meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided but in the Kathmandu city sometimes breakfast and sometimes dinner are included where you can go through the each detail itinerary below. During trek breakfast and dinner will be served in the lodges or teahouses and for the lunch our expert trek leader or guide will be taking you the best clean hotels. However we suggest you carry a water purification tablets to purify the water as on the way you will get normal water but if you want bottled mineral water you will easily get in some shops or tea houses but the expense of the bottled water should be paid by the client itself as it is not included in package.

Best Season to Travel:

The flawless seasons for Nepal visit will be in the spring season in the month of March to May and autumn season on September and November. Even in winter one can travel but only if you can bear the cold weather season. We strongly recommended the clients not to trek on the monsoon season on the month of June, July and August because during this period it rains heavenly and in day afternoon the sun rays will be extremely blazing heat so, it will be difficult to trek. So, we suggest every client trek in the specific seasons.


Throughout your trekking your luggage will be carried by our porters and you have to carry your own small baggage containing your own water bottle, towel, tissue or toilet paper, camera or any other stuff which you usually carry and this small baggage should be carried by yourself. Some of the gears and clothes which are not needed during your trek can be left in the hotel safe deposit box carefully locking it properly and for the deposit there will be no charges so, you can freely keep your belongings which are not needed. The Nepal domestic airlines do not exceed more than 15 kg which also includes your hand baggage. If your baggage exceeds more than 15 kg then some charge should be deposit which is not included in the package.  

Guide/Porter on Trek:

We the company Ganesh Himal hiking team will be providing you the well expert trained trekking guide who will be handling all your trip issue. Also we will be providing you a cordial and sincere porter who will be carrying your 10 kg luggage of each client. Like if you are trekking in a huge group like more than 10 people than we will be providing you an extra guide which will be divided into two groups or more than three according to the number of people in the group. 

Group Size, Guide and Crew Member:

Ganesh Himal hiking team arranges trek with the minimum solitary client to maximum 16 clients in a group. In the larger group we will be arranged by dividing the groups. However one can stay in the same lodge but during your trek you will be having a different guide. We the Ganesh Himal Hiking team offers one guide for maximum 10 people in the group and if the number exceeds more than 10 till 16 then we will be providing you 2 guides. 

Personal Expenses on Trek:

Your personal expenses should be deposited by yourself like if you addicted to alcohol and all the alcohol you consume during your trip should be paid by yourself that goes to snacks or any other additional meals. Though the cost of accommodation and meals are included in package but such additional meals and drinks- alcohol and non-alcohol beverage, snacks, tips for guide and porters, hot shower- accessible only in some hotel, entrance fee around $ 25 for visiting heritage sites of Kathmandu, meals while you are in Kathmandu and the normal meals will cost around $ 5-7. It is up to you whether you like to give tips to the guide and porter, if you are satisfied with their services then you can tip them.

Gears Available in Kathmandu:

For the trekking equipment you can easily get it at Nepal country stores at the reasonable price and if you like you can also rent the trekking equipment. You don’t have to carry or buy from your hometown because all the trekking gear can be easily available in this country –Nepal.  

A Typical Day on Trek:

On a customary day you are necessary to trek for 4-6 hours each day. After breakfast we will start to walk and then we will be stopping for a lunch and after lunch we will walk for 3-4 hours to reach our destination. After lunch we will be trekking only for few hours and we will reach our trekking destination in 1—2 hours. Like in some days you will reach your destination in afternoon hours and then you can have lunch and then relax, or take shower, read a novel or wander around the area and even you can play cards with the group, guide and all.

Our Greetings at Airport:

We suggest you that when you are confirmed for this trip we advise you to give us your international flight schedule so, we the team can easily get to you and pick you up from the airport on time. As soon as you finish processing the customs formalities and come out from there and there you can find our representative carrying a signboard of Ganesh Himal Hiking Team and the team will greet you and take you to the hotel in private vehicle. Like if you have already booked the hotel by your own then we advise informing the hotel that you are staying so it will be easy for our representative to drop you at the hotel.

Itinerary and Possible Changes on it:

Our usual itinerary of the trek is 18 days which is main customary and pragmatic. In this 18 days itinerary it has also included your arrival day, departure day or Kathmandu sightseeing day tour are all included in this package itinerary. If you like to adjust the itinerary we can set it for you as per your desire so, before that let us know before booking the trip and then we will arrange the itinerary and the cost. Like if you like to extend more days then we will even manage it for you as in our package we have kept extra day because we don’t know the situation of Himalaya weather it suddenly changes and faces problems like delayed flights or cancellation of flight.


Client’s safety is our main priority and makes sure that each and every client is well taken care of.  If by chance anyone got sick during trek we will take you to the hospital and if one is seriously ill then we will rescue a helicopter and then they will take you to the hospital and all the expenses are carried out by the travel insurance company so, make sure to cover the insurance policy. For the further information you can go to the Nepal Travel Insurance page.

Booking and Payment:

For booking any trip, trek, expedition first you have to deposit 20% in advance if you are confirmed for the trek you have to send even your flight detail schedule, a passport photocopy and if you cancel the booking then this 20% is not -refundable.  The remaining 80% can be paid when you reach Kathmandu and if you want to pay in advance you can deposit it by transferring through a bank, credit card so, lets us know then we will be sending you the detail for payment.

Customer Reviews


An amazing trip with Ganesh Himal Hiking to Kathmandu, Mt. Everest BC, Pokhara and Chitwas

hil32015 | Spokane, Washington | October 26 , 2014

Rating: 5 - Excellent

We received outstanding personal service from Binod and his team at Ganesh Himal Hiking Team. It was an exceptional experience in every way. We were met at the airport, he gave us personal transportation along with many great tours to cultural sites in Kathmandu, he took us to some wonderful restaurants and he set us up in a very nice hotel in Thammel. Binod really knows how to take great care of his clients with a personal touch. We also loved meeting his mother, father and his family which added greatly to our cultural experience in Nepal.

Additionally, Binod's brother Bishnu, was our guide on our trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Bishnu took excellent care of my trekking partner and me throughout the trek to Everest Base Camp and back. Our trek was also an amazing cultural experience as well as a remarkable trekking experience! We loved the Nepalese people and, of course, we loved seeing the incredible scenery. Also, Binod personally guided us on a trip to Pokhara, Nepal where he arranged for us a guided rafting trip, a paragliding trip and a trip to Chitwan National Park where we did a tour on the back of an elephant spotting wildlife and we were able to attend a nice cultural program. The accommodations in Pokhara and the food were fantastic. I highly recommend Binod and his Ganesh Himal Hiking Team to anyone who is interested in receiving the best service and the best trekking and cultural experience in Nepal.

Visited October 2015

Price from USD 1,050 p/p
24/7 Customer Support

Duration: 18 Days

Difficulty: Strenuous

Activities: Trekking, Hiking, Excursion & Sightseeing

Departure City: Kathmandu

Trip Grade:

Trip style: Tented camping

Country: Nepal

Region: Manaslu (Restricted region)

Price: USD 1,050

Group size: Min 2 pax

Best Season: Feb to Jun & Sep to Dec

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